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We deeply understand the importance of service and technical support, and this is why we only need one of your phone to provide the following services:

Basic consumable:

Customer need to provide consumer goods replacement, such as the softening of the bed regeneration with salt, RO system scale inhibitor, pretreatment system, filter, and so on.

Daily service and maintenance:

These services include, on-site RO cleaning, custom tailored full service and maintenance (pure water, waste water, waste gas). In Suzhou Industrial Park, we have designed and installed resin regeneration system, RO system, in order to better serve our customers, but also very welcome to contact us to visit.

Run environmental protection to meet the customer's application, to help them get the highest value from the system of investment. Our service program provides a full range of one-stop service, including equipment on a regular maintenance, long-term maintenance, equipment operation and operation of training.

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