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Ultrafiltration system

Ultrafiltration device

Ultrafiltration (UF) is today's most advanced preprocessing filtering technique, in the 40000-150000 Dalton range using acrylic, PES, PS and other materials made of hollow fiber ultra small aperture membrane to filter, removing and separating water effective diameter 0.005-0.1 micron particles and molecules amount of impurities, widely used in surface water, sea water and wastewater organic matter, colloid, bacteria and other suspended fine particles of impurities removal. Ultrafiltration device is simple and the effluent quality is stable, and the operating conditions are almost not affected by the change of the water quality. A large number of engineering practice shows that UF the raw water of SDI below 3, best can be in one of the following, of water suspended solids, metal oxides, colloid, macromolecular organic matter, bacteria have excellent removal effect, can meet the reverse osmosis system of pre treated water quality requirements.

Characteristics of ultrafiltration system:

To better filter performance. Limit physical filtration, especially can remove organic matter, which is unmatched by ordinary filtration and microfiltration;

To the effluent water quality changes even;

Water, high recovery rate. System recovery rate of more than 90%, far greater than the traditional process.

To save the space occupied by the equipment, reduce the plant construction cost;

Improve reverse osmosis system performance and increasing reverse osmosis device cleaning cycle, the extension of reverse osmosis membrane components of the service life, reduce operating costs;

To use modular assembly, accounted for a small area. Filtering unit of ultrafiltration system uses modular design, for the expansion of the system, component replacement is very convenient, also due to unique design using small accommodation area.

It has the advantages of simple operation, can realize automatic operation;

The number of ultrafiltration membrane filtration system, the design of the backwashing frequency safe, conservative, complete protection measures.

In summary, ultrafiltration membrane flux + wrong flow filtration + total filter backwashing + complete protection measures and automatic, precise pre processing the ultrafiltration device can cope with poor quality water, and under the water quality is good by emissions less wrong flow filtration, also can reduce the frequency of backwashing and water, in order to achieve the effect of saving, operation flexibility and elasticity large.

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