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Pre processing system

Quartz sand filter
Quartz sand filter is the use of quartz sand filter to remove the raw water in the suspended matter, is a common fast filtration equipment. When the water flows through the filter material layer containing suspended particles, the gap of the filter material plays the role of screening and filtering to make the suspended matter easy to adsorb on the surface of the filter material. When a certain amount of dirt is trapped in the surface of the filter, the filter is formed, and the pressure difference between the filter and the filter will soon rise. At this time need to use reverse flow backwashing filter to fluff up suspension of quartz sand filter, so that the adhesion on the surface of quartz sand, anthracite interception stripping and is carried by a stream of water, to restore the filtering function. Design flow rate 10m/h, the intensity of the reverse washing 15 ~ m2.s 18L/. The backwash cycle is 24 hours, about 10 minutes every time wash backwash, about 5 minutes. The quartz sand filter effluent NTU < 1. Quartz sand for a long time to wear after the use of small, quartz sand 2-3 years to replace once.
Activated carbon filter
Activated carbon filter is the use of activated carbon to remove low molecular organic matter in water, free chlorine. As a pretreatment device of the reverse osmosis system, the activated carbon filter can effectively prevent the organic pollution of the reverse osmosis surface, but not affected by the water temperature, pH value and organic mixture. Design flow rate 10m/h, reverse washing intensity m2.s 10L/. Backwash cycle is 24 hours, each backwashing time for 5-10 minutes, effluent SDI value: exit SDI is less than or equal to 4, CL is less than or equal to both yzb water, the effluent is less than or equal to 0.1 mg / L. 1 years or so to replace activated carbon filter material.
* it can be very effective to remove low molecular organic matter, free chlorine, but also can effectively prevent the organic pollution on the surface of the reverse osmosis.
* with a unique uniform distribution of water, so that the filter to achieve the maximum effect, can meet the long-term requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane for organic pollution.
* choose a lower flow rate (normal operation 10m/h) to suit the possibility of future water quality deterioration.
* uniform filling filter selection, to ensure good filtering effect, and avoids backwashing chaotic layer phenomenon.
Resin softening device is the use of resin ion exchange function group to remove the water calcium, magnesium and other high hardness ions. To reduce the water hardness, mainly to prevent scaling of the RO film.
Corrosion inhibitor dosing system
The agent is a kind of distributed and subtle drug, it has the following functions: it is non-toxic, no foreign body falling off, chemical stability, can carry out chemical cleaning.
The raw water LSI Langelier index is increased from 0 to 2.6, caused by fouling of calcium and magnesium hardness is not within this range to film.
To prevent the formation of sulfate scaling, that is, the relative increase in the solubility of scaling substances in water, in order to prevent calcium sulfate and other substances on the membrane damage, especially BaSO4 and SrSO4 crystal crystal on the membrane damage.
It can also play a role in the dispersion of the iron colloid and fine particles of the membrane.
And scale inhibitor is a complex organic compounds do not scatter with vegetative bacteria of orthophosphate nutrients, emissions will not on the environment produce pollution, green environmentally friendly products.

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