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EDI system

EDI continuous electric desalination device
Traditional mixed bed ion exchange system has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern industry and environmental protection, and combined with film, resin and electrochemical principle of EDI technology become a revolution in the water treatment technology. The regeneration of the ion exchange resin is the use of electricity, rather than the need for acid and alkali, and thus more satisfied with the environmental requirements of today's world. Since 1986 EDI membrane stack technology industrialization since, the world has been installed thousands of sets of EDI system, especially in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, electric power and surface cleaning, etc. industry has been vigorous development, also in wastewater treatment, beverage and microorganisms etc. fields have also been widely used. EDI device is applied in the reverse osmosis system, replacing the traditional mixed ion exchange (MB-DI) technology to produce stable de ionized water.
Compared with the mixed ion exchange technology, EDI technology has the following advantages:
Concentrated water chamber using patented resin filling technology, so as not to need the circulation pump and salt water injection; system is simple, easy to operate; high reliability; good electrical insulation;
100psi (7bar), under the condition of 45 degree C continuous operation of low cost operation effect is obvious;
Double "O" - type ring seal to ensure no leakage operation
The EDI device is filled with an ion exchange resin to form a EDI unit between the anion / cation exchange membrane. EDI components will be a certain amount of EDI units separated by a net, forming a thick water room. At both ends of the unit group, yin / Yang electrode is provided. Under DC electric drive, by ions in the freshwater chamber flow respectively pass through the cation exchange membrane into the concentrated water chamber and removed in a freshwater chamber, and through the concentrated water chamber of the water will be ion taken out of the system, become concentrated water. EDI equipment in general to reverse osmosis (RO) water as a EDI water supply. RO water resistivity is generally 10-1 mu S/cm (25 C). EDI water resistivity can be as high as 17 M.Cm (25 C), but according to the DI water use and system configuration settings, EDI pure water applied to the preparation of electrical resistivity in.Cm (25 5-18.2M) of pure water. EDI technology has been widely accepted by the pharmaceutical industry, micro electronics industry, power generation industry and laboratory. In the surface cleaning, surface coating, electrolytic industry and the application of chemical industry has become increasingly widespread.

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