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The company is located in jiangsu province, suzhou industrial park, pavilion industrial workshop, excellent geographical location bairun will company can timely for suzhou industrial park, new district, wuxi, Shanghai and jiangsu province to provide timely and effective services. The company has the abundant technical force, the company has design department, engineering department, sales department, project department, management department, after-sales service department, such as customer service department, each service department is equipped with professional talents. The company undertake various professional environmental protection, water treatment and waste gasise purification engineering system design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of professional firms. The company was founded in 2008, the registered capital is 5 million yuan, at present the company's turnover increased year by year, is developing into a large cross-regional environmental protection water treatment professional company. The company collected a batch of environmental protection, water treatment and air purification engineering experience for many years of professional technical force, to provide you with excellent economic design, installation, the stability of the system and the high quality service.

The company's business areas include: industrial pure water system, environmental protection, wastewater treatment system, gasise purification system, central air conditioning circulating water system and other environmental protection projects. Services include system design, installation, commissioning, technical training, maintenance and operation management. Bairun will with spare parts warehouse, RO membrane cleaning, testing equipment and resin regeneration plant at the same time the company to provide various kinds of imported water treatment products, including water treatment equipment and consumption products, mainly include the RO, CDI, UV, TOC, filtration equipment, precision filtration equipment, FRP tanks, etc. Provide import PVC, PP pipe and accessories, each kind of import valve, the main brands have + GF +, SPEARS, AGRU, FIP, SANKING, etc.

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